Keeper of the Doves
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Theodore Dayton no longer believes in God. With his beloved wife dead and his teenage daughter, Emily, suffering from a terminal illness, he contemplates the agony of his family's demise. Now, with his faith shattered, he becomes a lost soul, struggling to find meaning in a merciless world.Theodore's journey into salvation begins when a journal arrives at his home. It is through the memoirs of his father, Lawrence, that he may gradually dissolve the fear in his heart. As the tale unfolds, Emily tries to restore her father's faith, but a curse lingers in her family's past. It is within this journal that both she and Theodore will discover the miracles of God, but they will also uncover an unrelenting evil emerging from within. As time grows short, Emily must make her father understand the virtues of God, before he permits another force to lure him into darkness. Will Theodore save himself? And will Emily live to reveal the one soul who can save all of mankind?
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ISBN: 9781462067480
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