Jack of Tabbyshire
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"Of all the Shires in this fair land, not a single one is at the one time both as beautiful and as unknown as the District of Tabbyshire. It is probable that the obscurity of this Shire results from a strange fact. Namely, almost all of the populace are cats-cats and kittens. A few humans live there, but for the most part they are of a rather low class and are found in the more remote and border regions of the Shire "Here is a tale of one of the cats of Tabbyshire, Jack of Tabbyshire.Welcome to Tabbyshire-and to the other wondrous lands in which dwell the many small friends of Grandpa Cheney. Adventures, great and small, befall Grandpa and his friends.Come and rediscover the child that lies buried deep inside you; let Grandpa awaken it in you.
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ISBN: 9780595818006
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