Want to read a book that will take you through a multitude of emotions? Love and hate. Joy and fear. Life and death. Mystery and suspense. You can expect a surprise in every story you read. There's even a delicious recipe or two to whet your appetite. Be ready to be transported to exotic locales; meet dysfunctional families and also loving people. Enjoy tales with twists and turns and even some feel-good yarns. Expect to laugh out loud. Wonder whether your own Aunt Fanny or Uncle Joe resembles one of the characters. Be prepared to see life through the eyes of interesting people. When you finish, you'll find yourself recounting some of the stories you read, trying to put a moral or judgement on what has been written, and discovering that life is unique and awesome. To Sylvia Snyder, life really is a box of chocolates. Her GLASS EATER AND OTHER HALLUCINATIONS has something for everyone from wicked, pithy humor to Theater of the Absurd. Her truths cut to the core.
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ISBN: 9781462067442
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