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In a terrible accident with a Mulligan Cookie Company truck, Dickie Dickason loses her right foot and must try to put her life back together. An injured puppy appears on her doorstep, and Dickie nurses him back to health. The two become best friends. Together they set out on a quest to try to make Mulligan Cookies pay Dickie's medical bills from the accident.Finally, in frustration Dickie hurls a rock through the window of the Cookie King. She attracts the attention of the owner's son Jamie, a mohawked rebel who has his own axe to grind with his father. Jamie is irresistibly cute-but he has something up his sleeve that Dickie couldn't foresee. What follows is a rollercoaster ride, which Dickie weathers with dogged determination and a wise-ass sense of humor. Unexpected friends come her way, things get blown up, and nothing follows the rules-even the rules of nature!
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Dickie - Chris Jacobs

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