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With humor and compassion, author J. H. Hall chronicles the joys and tribulations of Maine fly fishermen, their loved ones, and their adversaries. Hall's characters share a passion for fly-fishing-their lifeline-and an indifference to most of society's other conventions. Whether building an indoor trout stream, robbing a bank, or waging mischief against a market-savvy, modernist guide, these characters gallantly struggle to preserve a way of life and a part of Maine that is rapidly disappearing.Praise for previously published works by J. H. Hall:Paradise: Stories of a Changing Chesapeake: "Hall's portrayal glows like a watercolor. He mobilizes his language in quick, sure strokes: subdued, taut, winsome by turns."-Ramon de Rosas, Maine In Print"Michael Crichton is not the only doctor-turned-writer to come down the pike in the past few years In fact, I would say he's not even the best. The author I've just discovered [J. H. Hall] is considerably better "-Cheryl Nowak, Eastern Shore NewsSelling Fish: Stories from a Fishing Life: " Jim Hall has always been dead serious about fishing. Those of you who feel the same way will love and understand this book"-John Cole, author of Striper and In Maine
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