The Plot Against Fidel is an insider's novel set during two periods of radical changes in the turbulent transformation of Cuban society ruthlessly crafted by the Fidel Castro revolution over more than four decades.It depicts actual historical events in the 1960s and again in the 1990s as two half-brothers work in separate ways to enlighten the outside world about the suffering, deprivation and torture taking place on that beautiful island nation.Edward Langley becomes the first resident American correspondent in Havana shortly after the Bay of Pigs and the October Missile Crisis. His brother, Miguel Hidalgo, is a Cuban-born rancher who undergoes the hell of the Communist regime's political prisons and eventually becomes an underground guerrilla.The half-brothers meet, for the first time since boyhood, during the early revolutionary days of the 1960s. They reunite again in the 1990s in Havana-the American a semi-retired writer on a nostalgia tourist trip, the Cuban now a notorious counter-revolutionary jefe known as the Falcon.Instead of convincing his brother to abandon his dangerous, seemingly hopeless struggle against the powerful regime, Edward convinces himself to join in Miguel's efforts to overthrow the government. Finally, for once, it appears that rebels have the perfect plan and the necessary support to assassinate Fidel Castro and change the course of Cuba's troubled history.
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