Fire and Rain
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Skylar Wright was coming up in all the right ways. People referred to him as the government name for life and experience. This defiant bad-boy had it all, a lucrative book deal, and the baddest soul singer (Tiembra,) on his arm. He was the black Socrates and new Aristotle - all in how his generation understood him, as he broke down life like a true logician. This passionate writer had one major draw-back, his attitude. His random actions eventually put his life in a state of compromise, costing him more than he could afford. Known for explicit quotes and impulsive rejoinder, Skylar managed to work himself out of everything that he worked so hard for, including his woman. But when Skylar tries to reclaim all that is his, he is constantly aggressed by issues of his past that must be resolved before he can move forward. As the poignant, female soloist progresses Skylar reaches for her. Will he get what is his or will he run out of time?
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ISBN: 9781467808521
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