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When people learn the author onceworked as an engineer at Chrysler, their interest peaks and questions are asked.  Similar to the author’s once held view, itseems most people think you must be quite smart to work in the AutomobileIndustry. This is not the story the author tells; the industry thrives despitethe proliferation of “idiots” throughout its ranks.The author offers up several “CommonSense Principles,” and then proceeds to illustrate many examples where “Idiots”ignored or were ignorant of these principles resulting in increased costs tothe corporation and other havoc. “Common Sense” is shown to be uncommon.Common questions aboutautomobiles are answered:  Why can’t Ifind a good mechanic? Why it is not covered on my new car warranty? What happenedto the 100 mpg carburetor? Should I buy a hybrid vehicle?  How will future cars be powered?  Common popular beliefs aredispelled: More education means you’re smarter. The smartest people work forthe government. You have to be smart to get a patent. Hybrid vehicles alwaysget better gas mileage. Chrysler research projects are exposed.Can a rubber band power a car? The lost member of the Oak RidgeBoys is found!
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