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On May 29, 1998, Detective Sergeant Matt Nelson is beginning his last day with the Sheriffs Office. As he leaves that morning, his wife is suddenly jolted by a frightening sense of danger but doesn't tell him. When an "officer down" call comes in that morning, Matt rushes to the scene, unaware his life is about to change forever.He suddenly finds himself embroiled in a deadly situation as he confronts three heavily-armed militants. Alone and outgunned, Matt is critically wounded and left for dead.While Matt is in the hospital struggling to survive his wounds, the fleeing militants elude five-hundred cops and disappeare into the wild canyonlands, bringing about the largest manhunt the Four Corners area has ever experienced. This is the true story of one honest cop overcoming impossible odds to save his arm and leg, then going on to higher goals. Public interest remains high to this day because one of the fugitives was still free during the writing of this book. Matt maintains a survivor's mindset while out patrolling the mountain highways, and he will continue watching his back until the third fugitive is brought to justice, one way or another.Author's note: This happened in 2008, when the third fugitive's body was also discovered in the desert, dead of a bullet wound to the head, just as the other two were. Many questions remain. S.F.
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