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“Put your butt in the seat, head in the helmet, give your heart to your girlfriend, your soul to Jesus, tonight may be your last, because for somebody, we are going to provide Comfort….”

Chief Warrant Officer Lance Walker, US Army Apache helicopter pilot, turns his notes and memories from the Gulf War, “Operation Provide Comfort” into a heart felt story of relationships and hair raising combat. Thundering rotor blades of the Apache Helicopter will blow sand in your eyes as you experience life with the pilots of Operation Provide comfort in Northern Iraq. Strap in and ride along on secret missions to see war through the eyes of an Attack Helicopter Pilot. Grip the controls as you fly a journey from small town America to combat as an Army Aviator. Laugh and cry as you experience the life and personal relationships between our elite warriors. Witness war as America’s best does the job of taking the fight to the enemy and providing comfort.

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ISBN: 9781467080767
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