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Exactly as it says on the cover each poem or writing are me imagining myself to be. A collection of connections with myself through life, these being: love, happiness, sadness, pain, joy etc.The world that we live in is unique to each person and each person is so unique there is no one else like you in the world, the whole world lives in you. Yet many people see themselves living in the world and feel so separate from it.The book consists of each individual writing on the left hand page and a blank page on the right for you to imagine yourself to be. It is not what you write is your gift, it is your ability to do so. If you don't write anything that too is your ability.The collection of photos, that is me imagining the world to be and for you it is you imagining the world to be. I will never see the world that lives in you. How could I for there is no one else like you that exists and never will be.So read and write and see the world that lives in you.Michael Roberts
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