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Feathers - A true story.
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Nona and Pops had lived their lives without pets for many years and did not think of having one. Then, one day, they discovered themselves recipients of a cockatiel named Feathers. They could not believe how one small bird could so drastically change their lives. Feathers ruled the domain he lived in and made known his likes and dislikes. So, whatever Feathers wanted was quickly supplied by his loving owners. The taking of a trip or just running errands was enjoyed by Feathers when he was allowed to go along with Nona and Pops in his gold bag. Feathers was so possessive of his family that he did not care for company coming to visit, whether it be friends or family. Just like a child, Feathers would inspect the grocery sacks when they were brought into the house and put on the cabinets. He was always curious to see if there was anything for him. Feathers was so very happy on the last trip he took with Nona and Pops. Everything was going so well when all at once disaster struck. The beloved little cockatiel was gone never to be seen again.
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