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This book is about one of God'sgreatest gifts to mankind - SEX.  It isan amazing, straight forward book about what sex is, and what God intended SEXto be used for.  People's mind must betransformed by the renewing of their mind in order to experience one of themore exciting gifts of God.  It'screation by God denotes that He intended for us to enjoy each othertremendously and without guilt.  Throughthe process of SEX, creation of babies comeforth.  It is a marvelous, sensationalact for two married people and unfortunately too many single people areindulging in this act.  This mostcherished, precious gift should beheld in high esteem,sacred as this precious gift is.The purpose of sex is for thehighest expression of love, and in its purest form, which is in marriage is theultimate expression of one's love for another.This is a basic down to earthbook about sex and what it should and should not be used for according to thepurpose of God.This book will try and clearlyexplain the purpose of sex, what part it plays in human beings' lives.
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