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I am proud to say, theres neverbeen a book like this.  A book that takes you through the Bible step by step.  Telling you how Satan fell from heaven andwhere his temple is today.  How hepretends to be God.  Giving a commandment(the six commandment) Thou ShaltNot Kill: and then send you in and tell you, kill them all!  And bring me the gold for my warehouse.  Why does God need money?  So how could so many educated men and womennot see the truth?  And continue topreach and teach a lie.  One of the lastthings Jesus says in Revelation is (I am the root and the offspring of David,and the bright and morning star.)  Whenin truth and spirit he is the son of the living God.  And a big part of the TriHead.  Who gave his life for youand me.And today his is still playing us all for a sucker, and setsDavid as an example of a man after his own heart.Praise the Lord for the truth.
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