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SQL Simplified:
Learn To Read and Write Structured Query Language focuses extensively on the implementation
of Structured Query Language (SQL) rather than on database design or on the
Database Management System’s (DBMS’s) that implement SQL, like many SQL books.

easy to follow step-by-step chapters of this book will provide beginners with
the practice necessary to develop the skills and knowledge required to program
in SQL with ease. The concepts of SQL are simplified enabling anyone to quickly
grasp the fundamentals of SQL. Each chapter introduces a new concept and
includes examples, key notes and important key terms. This book also highlights
many key differences in SQL script used in a number of different database
management system platforms. Your comprehension of each chapter is tested
through the use of quizzes and assignments. After completion of this book, you
should feel confident using SQL in any relational database environment.

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SQL Simplified: - Cecelia L. Allison

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