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A romanticmystery, in the style of a Gothic tale, set in present day California, and Milan, Italy.A love story,full of plot twists, comedy, drama, and an unexpected ending.CatherineColonessi always thought that she was happily married and content. Then byaccident, she met, and fell in love, with the man of her dreams, and her lifebecame a desperate attempt to be with the only man, she ever truly loved.“When their eyesmet, it was as if time stood still.”“This is a weirdone, for sure. If I ‘ad any sense, I would not touch her case, with a ten footbarge pole!”“You were myGod! I would have done anything for you, but you killed Mama--”“The sky was anartist’s palate.”“You can’t leaveme, I’m pregnant!”
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ISBN: 9781418466336
List price: $3.99
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