Pass White is the biography of a child born of a colored mother and white father who entered the world as a colored child but “passed white” at age five and grew up as a white boy in a white world. Jim-Bob Blevins was born in North Carolina and was sent to live with relatives in West Virginia who had already “passed white”. His foster father was a coal miner and his foster mother a dynamic white woman, also with remote colored blood.Jim Bob was never able to understand the color line properly and was constantly torn between two racial commitments. His black cousin, ten years his elder, was his role model and idol. His birth mother had determined that it would be better for her child to be raised in a white environment and Jim Bob tried his best to justify his mother’s decision. Still, he and his family had to walk the line very carefully to maintain a white identity.This is the story of Jim Bob’s life as a child, later a soldier and airman and finally as a retired Air Force Officer who did his bit for civil rights for black people but still maintained his identity as a white man.
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