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Killing somebody is easy.Watching the life go out of a man’s eyes, when you’ve got a bayonet buried inhis stomach up to your wrist, is nothing. Living with it, is horrendous. I livewith that every day. I see it in my mind over and over and over. Even today, over thirty yearsafter Viet Nam,people still think we are no more than a bunch of crazies. When I hear that, ithurts me; it makes me angry. I’m not crazy! Neither are the other vets. We justhad bad experiences at a very young age, and now they are starting to eat usaway. I’ve tried to explain as best Icould, and hope you understand a little more than before. What we did for ourcountry, I feel was right. If I had it to do all over again, would I go? Yessir!! I am very proud of being so fortunate to be able to serve my country. Iam extremely proud that I got to serve in Viet Nam. I hold my head up with the best ofthem. I’ve never been ashamed. Nor will I ever be.
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