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Imagine being a young man on yourown in the biggest city in the United States,but not being intimidated by it.  Imaginehaving a demanding, trendy job, yet capably handling all of itsresponsibilities with ease.  Imaginehaving a beautiful girlfriend and a loyal best friend who cares about you agreat deal.  Sounds good, right?  But, now imagine all that changing because ofthe love another man has for your girlfriend and the lack of respect he has foryou.  A man who knowsmore about you than he should and uses that knowledge however he sees fit.  Now, imagine being forced to do and saythings that you never thought you would or could.  Being forced to payattention to that city and that girlfriend whom you neglected.  Imagine just wanting things to be back to theway they were.  If you imagined doing anyof this, you now know how it feels to be Parker Dunn, an aspiring videodirector living in Manhattan whohas to win his girl back from crafty millionaire Olu Maswate.
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ISBN: 9781418433673
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