Once upon atime used to refer to the beginning of a fairy tale--now the fairy tale hasbecome a reality with the introduction to Cook’n to Keep Him.By now you are probably awarethat this is not your ordinary cookbook. “Yes,” this is a real cookbook with real recipes for real women who donot mind using what they’ve got to keep their man well nourished, entertainedand kept where he needs to be, right by your side.Cook’n to Keep Him will reveal new strategies for creating delicious passion,intimacy and happiness just by combining the right ingredients and using theright cooking utensils. You will discover how dining pleasures can refresh andrejuvenate your relationship.The recipes here are veryassorted. You will find everything from Sho nuff southern dishes such as fried chitterlings to amore health conscious diet of low fat and meatless meals.The recipe chapter featuresinnuendoes with very sexy and suggestive titles. The intent here is toencourage you to share this book with your mate to gain more inside informationon ways to entice him. Watch how he responds to certain words, then duplicateor enhance whatever sparks his interest.If you don’t mind putting forththe effort of satisfying your man, wetting his appetite and communicatingdelicious thoughts, you will undoubtedly create moments of ecstasy just bycreating something that he can swallow.DISCOVER HOW TO--Turn every mealtime into wickeddelight.Make every mealtime delicious anddifferent.Give him something other than thespoon to lick.Prepare a surrounding where hecan delightfully sample everything that looks good to him.Throw a cup of tease into everyrecipe.Create an experience for him notever wanting to leave your side.Cook up a sensuous reaction.Nourish and fortify.Communicate delicious thoughts.
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