A true story .The election of1964 in Texas for President, U.S. Senator and Governor as seen through the eyesof the Republican Candidate for Governor. The traumatic effect on theoutcome of that election by the assassination of President Kennedy and thewounding of Governor Connally in Dallas on November22,1963, and the involvement of the Republican Candidate in helping the policein the interrogation of Marina Oswald-the widow of the accused assassin, LeeHarvey Oswald. The recruitmentof the Republican Candidate for Governor-a successful engineer and oil and gasexecutive, and how he organized his backers for the campaign. His study ofthe issues and the formation of a platform. The campaigntrail through the primaries, the State Convention and the Republican Conventionin San Francisco. The split in the Republican partyin San Francisco between the backers of Barry Goldwater and the backers ofNelson Rockefeller and the attempt by Governor Scranton of Pennsylvania to healthat split by hosting a meeting at his mansion attended by Eisenhower, Nixonand the Republican Candidates for Governor. The facts discovered by thecandidate which showed how Lyndon Johnson used bogus votes to become a u. S. Senator in theelection of 1948. The emergence and charisma of George H.W.Bush that that was the start of a political career that led to the Presidency.The electionitself with comments on the campaigns of George H.W. Bush for the Senate andBarry Goldwater for President. Thesatisfaction of having been a part of making Texas a twoparty state.
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