About The Book On June the first, I was lying down, feeling a sense of uselessness, and said “God, I am a human creation from you, and I feel I need to utilize this great creation. Please guide me into a creative state.” The next thing I knew, I was at my computer writing thirty poems within a few hours. The next night I wrote twenty poems, then another thirty-plus, and so on, for ten days. Then it left as quickly as it came. This book is not so much a revolution in poetry, but more a flash of creative energy coupled with prophetic thought and contemplations on contemporary society, brought forth through poetic verse, and displayed in a spiritually patterned form. The poems are all based on my deepest observations and life’s experiences, which brought me to this critical state where I find myself and the world around me. They are inspired reflections on political and regular life, brought to me from a higher power, inscribed by my hand, and fed into this world from my mind for people to understand the wrongs of this unbalanced structured economic system that feeds on the weakest and most vulnerable of our species. I believe life is on a dangerous path, and we must collectively work toward a more socially conscious society and stop making decisions based on thoughtless animal instincts, such as selfishness, want, and desire. This collection of poems reflects the innermost desperation I feel—that all human beings should hearken to the understanding that all is not well with the consciousness of the world in which we live. This book is designed for people who feel that same sense of urgency and who care deeply about this planet. I hope from these writings you get a sense of belonging that ignites the activist in you, so you, too, can voice your dissatisfaction with these beings who are guiding our society and planet into a state of chaos. John Sparacio
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