Israel, The Final Holocaust
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Until now, no other author has dared venture into the spiritual warfare that rages unseen around us, manipulating the history of man. Israel, the Final Holocaust describes that moment when pride first entered creation, when Lucifer spoke the five “I wills” that carried him and one-third of the heavenly, holy angels into Perdition. Israel, the Final Holocaust portrays that coming day when the door to the Abyss will be opened and demons will be loosed to invade earth, free to torment those who have taken the “mark of the beast.” Israel, the Final Holocaust includes a scenario of warfare, earthquakes and volcanoes that will devastate cities, while tsunamis rip through coastlines. Israel, the Final Holocaust describes the destruction of America and Russia, even as Israel undergoes her own final holocaust. Ultimately, mankind will meet at Megiddo to face its doom at the return of Jesus Christ. Even now, the Antichrist and the False Prophet are being prepared by Satan to step onto the stage of history to ring down the final curtain. Scripturally based, Israel, the Final Holocaust, contains the very possible scenario of these frightening and calamitous, end-time events. The reader is urged to hold onto his chair as these momentous scenes of horror unfold with terrible clarity and a lightning tempo.
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