Originally intended as a Christmas gift for the grandchildren, Mary Jo Roberts requested that Bill sit down and document some of the experiences from Bill’s rich life. He talked over a period of several days, in one-hour increments, and recounted his memories. He opened his heart, generously sharing his life. During that time, there was much laughter and a common love of music between Bill and the Author. On a few occasions Bill had to struggle with certain memories as he relived painful moments, all in an effort to offer the overall picture of his life. Two-thirds of the way through the interview process, the author saw more than just a document for Bill’s grandchildren to read later in life. An inspiring story was unfolding before her. Bill truly lived the American dream. Where he came from, did not limit him. He dreamed and dreamed, and worked very, very hard. The combination is the story of Bill Robert’s life.
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