The Business of the Practice of Law
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"TheBusiness of Practicing Law" is a frank discussion of the inner workingsand cultural milieu of the modern American law firm. The author's keen insightsinto the business aspects of the practice of law will fill a void in thetypical attorney's legal education. The material is presented in a crisp andreadable style, blended with the pertinent personal experiences of twoimaginary third-year law students, culminating in their interviews with a modelfictional law firm and their ultimate career choices. Every attorney who is consideringpractice in a law firm--and even those who have already made that choice - willbenefit from Mr. Koster's cogent observations, which are based on his 35 yearsof practice in a variety of legal settings. He manages to convey information ina unique manner that engages the reader, illuminates aspects of the privatepractice of law that may come as a surprise, and forces an introspectiveexamination of an attorney's goals and compatibility with law firm life. Thisbook is a "must read" for law students and law firm associates.
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