In a war ravaged country where inone civilian construction camp the workers felt safe until it was found theirProject Manager was paying the Viet Cong Tax money. The situation quicklychanged with the Viet Cong vowing the Americans would never finish re-building Highway#l, and conducted operations to stop the workeffort. The new Security Chief found him facing threats on his life along witha den of thieves, and with a new Project Manager who did not want to getinvolved in the war. His military training assisted him in counteracting thesituation with persuasive techniques and drastic actions that the Vietnameseworkers quickly gave him the nickname," The Devil." The Security Chief with a ChineseNung Platoon assisting him provided security for thecamp and roadwork crews. With the help of two reliable assistants and honestVietnamese assets he attempted to deter theft. In a country where life meantnothing and each day there was traffic deaths and Viet Cong activity theAmerican and expatriate employees knew any day could be their last.
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