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In the autumn of 1888 a series of notorious murders were perpetrated by an enigmatic killer known as 'Jack the Ripper' who terrified the Whitechapel district of East London. Six women were murdered in a four month period with the killings ending as suddenly as they began with an unknown motive. 'Whitechapel' tells the story of these killings and the events that surrounded them through the eyes of Robert Ford a young, fictional Victorian constable and his interaction with the detectives and victims involved in the case Subsequently this provides a hypothetical but plausible explanation of how and why the murders were perpetrated; how and why 'Jack the Ripper' was never caught and how members of the British establishment perverted the course of justice for their own selfish ends. It is also a story of love, duty, romance, tragedy and ultimately revenge that spans the late 19th Century in America, London and Paris through to the early 20th Century returning to St Louis, Missouri. 'Whitechapel' presents a compelling read as an historical thriller but also serves as a history lesson about the murders and about social deprevation in London during the late Victorian era. Although in reality the mystery of the killer's identity remains, 'Whitechapel' draws a conclusion on who and why committed these ghastly crimes.
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