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God was in one corner, sex in the other. They were segregated, separated, split off. The two were as distantly related as the east is from the west, as night from day. They had nothing in common.As for God, well, God was…God! And what could be better than that? Being God was everything that represented good, including, of course, sex.And sex? Well, sex was just sex. It was fun. But mostly it was an essential procreative aspect of life. Under appropriate terms, and in specific settings, it could be a fairly wondrous thing, to explore, to appreciate, but the terms were usually, and most relevantly, within the strict context of marriage, or, at the very least, in that of a deeply committed relationship.Further terms included appropriateness of time and consumption, adherence to specific sexual patterns, restrictions in sexual thought, and much more. After all terms are met, one might then feel free to “break off a little for himself,” from time to time.…Okay.All of that was in a past life that I used to live.No more.I had practiced what one might call “oops, excuse me” sex most of my young life, and deeply into my middle adult life too. Having recognized that I did not seem to possess the virtues and attributes of a priest, or a monk, I subtly “took care” of my sexual needs and expressions in the quickest and most expedient fashion possible, so that I could – and I might add, with rapidity – get back to put more important matters back in hand.No idea whatsoever was given to the fact that the celebration of sexual expression was an integral feature of those important matters.But, hey wait a minute! Sex is of the utmost importance to most every one of us! Where would we be, in fact, without it? We need it. We not only need it, we want it. It’s good for us. Is this not true?…So, here you have a different kind of perspective on certain things in life. As you read the book, see how it compares with what you think!
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