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The State That I’m In is a collection of spoken word, poetry, and underground lyricism. It ranges from topics such as: politics, counter culture, travel, religion, love/loss, and other real world experiences that leave you in a constant state of flux. The author takes you on a journey through the wilderness of anxiety, disillusionment, and humanism. From antiquated concerns like the separation of church and state, to post-modern issues like global warming, The State that I’m In illustrates how we all share the same problems in any time period, and how we are all connected in this macrocosmic universe. The author walks you through the inner city blues of the urban metropolis, however, he remains optimistic in a grave situation, and interprets every experience as positive no matter how painful. The State That I’m In challenges the reader to look into inner space for answers that seem overwhelming when you feel all alone in a bleak existence.
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ISBN: 9781467804189
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