Night or Day reveals a new side of the night world. The same rules apply, but it’s a whole new game. It introduces a new phenomenon: a changer. Blood kin to witches and seers, changers hold the promise of providing balance to the night, or threaten to act as the catalyst for both worlds’ destruction.Kyla Dimenish, a fifteen-year-old who lives with her stepfather and her four-year-old half sister, is just another teenager by day. She deals with many of the same problems that other teenager girls deal with—hidden crushes, fights with the "in-crowd" girls, sport practices, and beating her best friend in surfing contests. Although she has many similarities, Kyla is set apart from her friends. Kyla has a unique talent, one that keeps her alive at night.When the moon rises, casting its mysterious white glow into the darkness, Kyla’s transformation is complete. She is a hunter who deals out death to vampires, witches, shape-shifters, and any other creature foolish enough to get in the way of completing her ultimate mission—to kill her father’s murderer, Kane.For years Kyla avoided Kane, fearing that she wasn’t strong enough to beat him. But when Kane puts those closest to Kyla in danger, Kyla shows just how unafraid she really is and faces the ultimate question: is it possible that she actually belongs to the night?
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