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Roses for Brian
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A journal of letters from motherto son forms the basis for Judy Alt to let you into the painful world andtorment of a grieving parent. She finds herself in the depths of depression -even attempting to take her own life.In Roses For Brian, Judy allowsyou into the agonizing nightmare of darkness and horror that parents findthemselves in when a child dies. Through the letters, you walk with her on thejagged path from a mother's shattered heart toward a mother's spiritualrenewal.Her refusal to believe that Brianwas "gone – just gone", begins hersearch to find him. Not only does she truly find her son Brian, she findscomfort, peace and a new way at looking at life along the way.With warmth and passion, sheshares the roller coaster of emotions she endured, and introduces you to Brian.The bond they forged in life was strengthened when he crossed the veil intospirit. By his energy, Brian leads his mother into situations and circumstancesthat lift the clouds from her pain-filled eyes. Her experiences lead her toyoga, meditation, mediums and, ultimately, to see the wisdom of her own soul.In finding Brian, she finds herself, her spirituality and Divine Light.
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