If you were already an informed investor and had your financial house in order, you would probably not have purchased this publication. If you are, like the majority of individuals that need help getting their financial house in order I sincerely hope this publication gives you some ideas that help you. You may never have the income to take advantage of all the suggestions incorporated into this text. That does not stop you from using those that you can afford. Being financially successful does not mean being filthy rich. It means you are in control of your finances and have established a financial plan for life and have the fortitude to stick with it. A good plan will help take the financial strain out of life so you can enjoy yourself. There are millions of excuses why you cannot start today, and millions of reasons to give up if you do ever get started. Many give up, but most never start. Have faith in yourself. This is the end of this book but it can be the beginning of a new financial life for you. Take one step and a time.
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