Just anothercookbook?  No way!  This. “His-Storyof Real Good Cooking” by Francois...is great.  One can’t wait to turn over to the nextpage...‘peppered’ with plenty of food related history, anecdotes, reflectionsand quotes with over 300 selected recipes, but this is only the beginning.  To arouse the interest of great dishes andthe one that had been overlooked by years gone by, I felt compelled to capturemy 54 years of cooking into this book. All recipes are explained in an easy, leisurely, salutary and rewardingmanner to the gourmet and novice alike.I believe this book is veryspecial and stands out by traveling through time and antiquity, passing throughdeMedici’s kitchens, cooking up a storm in our youngRepublic and complete the culinary excursion through the kitchens I had workedin as a Chef and Restauranteur.The second and last chapterdescribes the days of the “Great War,” the years of apprenticeship, the way oflife in the past...cooking in Europe and in America.  The over 230 pages of ‘tasty’ adventures andinteresting recipes from a seasoned chef should be of great value.
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