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The Shadow of Corbett killed Rainah’s parents destroying her kingdom when she was only three, while she was sent to the safety of the future….but now they searched for her. The Shadow needs her and the power of the Twin Tiger’s swords for they are the key to releasing a greater evil, Corbett the dark fairy who was locked away long ago by the power of the Twin Tiger’s.On an archaeologist find deep in the mountains of Japan Rainah is thrust into an era of unseen peril, and hidden secrets that sets off a firestorm of events. The golden eyed beauty is as wild and untamed as the tiger’s she loves. Made the unwilling slave of a man she despises she wasn’t about to submit to her self-proclaimed master as he seduces her into his bed with his skilled touch, but within his arms she discovers the most seductive danger of all.Curran the samurai is a man of irresistible temptation with his own dangerous secrets. He searches for the Golden One that killed his father, but in truth she is the very one he is searching for… Escaping Curran she finds the Twin Tiger’s swords that call to her spirit, and destiny begins as she becomes the powerful Tigress with a quest to avenge her parents, find her brother, and stop the Shadow of Corbett…but her greatest challenge comes when she must face her greatest enemy…the very man she loves as she discovers betrayal…love…and destiny within the arms of her enemy under his samurai seduction, and the desires from which there is no turning back…
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ISBN: 9781467808262
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