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This is a love story set in Haiti at the overture of the events of 1986. It is a historical drama of which Francois and Adeline are the main fictional characters. The couple is thrown into the turmoil of the revolution that saw the downfall of the dictatorial regime of the ‘Baby Doc’. This book is quite unique. It has the scope of a classic novel with the magical talent of pulling people away from the morbid lethargy of our time. It is a touching love story, an advocacy for agriculture, and a dramatic call for unity and peace in a country torn to shreds by dictatorship and social discriminationThis book wants the world to remember “the sweet perfume of the ripeningtropical fruit…”It is an invitation to dream of peace and serenity.It is the story of a couple whose love is as sensitive as the silence that gradually envelopes the mountains at nightfall.It is a novel that invites you to claim the right to enjoy the fruits of liberty in an upside down world.“La Croisée Des Grands Chemins” is a book that compels you to never forget the hometown where you have left your ancestry. It is a unique story. It is written with ingenuity. It is a cry from the heart, a call to courage. It invites everyone who reads it to search their soul and open their hearts, rather then closing their eyes to their surroundings. May all the Haïtians join hands and together forge a passage through time, towards a peaceful state; while polishing the pearl of the Caribbean to shine once again and rebuilding it into a decent place in which to live under the sun.May the pages of this book entice the moral and spiritual understandings of Haïtians living in Haïti and elsewhere in such a way that they will commit to work together with patriotism and honesty towards the continuous welfare of their country.
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