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Buying a house can be a rewardingexperience.  Unfortunately not every saleis closed with a win/win situation for the Buyer and Seller.  Buyers have to consider that Sellers areselling for a reason.  Obtaining acredible disclosure from the Sellers becomes the Buyer’s challenge.  Sellers need to disclose to avoid thepotential of legal action by the Buyer.Haunted by Non-Disclosurediscusses factual information that every HomeBuyerand Seller should know through a series of the author’s personal experiences.  It’s real stuff that happened to realpeople.    Loaded with suggestions to helpBuyers protect their potential investment, Haunted by Non-Disclosure identifieshelpful recommendations, including: What to expect of a home inspection and how to leverage the inspection for a more complete evaluation. Ways to avoid the pitfalls of  non-disclosure including questions to be asked of the Seller. Thought starters to avoid and treat health hazards associated with volatile organic compounds, mold, radon, formaldehyde and other associated risks of a poor indoor environment. How to deal with Toxic Mold, which is becoming more and more visible in real estate. Methodology to make an informed home purchase decision based on facts rather than deceitfully misrepresented knowledge of a malicious Seller.New or Existing Real Estate, theconcept of disclosure remains the same.Disclosure of past and presenthome problems may lead to Sellers remorse through an expensive court battle ifthe Buyer finds a problem after the sale closes.  Health related issues are bringing a newdimension to the concept of full disclosure and to rewards of litigation.
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