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SynopsisThis book is designed for those that desire a closerrelationship and fellowship with the Father. So manytimes in life we awake in a “strange land” meaningthis is a new place in our life and/or family, we arenot sure how we got here or how to get back to thatfirst love which is God. We can have all of thosethings that God has designed all we have to do is toask. We communicate with our father when we read, pray,fast, talk, and sing to Him. So many times we want tofind Mr. and Mrs. Right and we do not know how to havea relationship with our brothers and sisters. Allowthe Lord to teach you what you need to know aboutfriendships before entering a relationship that willaffect your heart, and in turn will effect yourrelationship and fellowship with the Father. When we don’t communicate with God (through reading, praying, singing, meditating on the word) we experience separation and this makes us feel that God is far away from us and perhaps we may even feel that He has given up on us. This is the flesh and carnal nature talkingto us based on our emotions.
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