Aware that the readers like ascientific array, the author strived to satiate this overlooked desirability.The mosaic of topics offered here, was for addressing this forgotten craving. Studying the invented over the years, showed how inventiveness was affectedby fiction, intuition, deliberate thinking and the tabooed. Though unlookedfor, the author came up with a new “ClassificationOf Inventions”. The connoted proved thatinventiveness could be learned. Besides inventing the materialistic, man was also enthused to invent thespiritualistic. This led the author to discuss our changing views onMythopoeia, Religion, the Expiration of Man, our DistopianCultures and our global insociability. Thus and so,these subjects were an appropriated connubiality between the materialistic andthe established by fuliginous credos. His contrived methodologies, to name a few comprised inventions for:collecting spilt oil lost to the sea; desalting sea water; protecting ouraffluent and the influential from being spied on or targeted by snipers;severing bloodlessly our skin folds hence winning the battle of the flap. Reluctant to leave his inventions to oblivion or plagiarism, he chose toshare them with his readers and to leave them behind for the indulgers of cominggenerations.  Credentials though important, yet intuition as instanced know noboundries for the insighted.
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