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Sometimes The Best Man For The Job Is A Woman!"Amber Stone, Agent Zero"InThe Revenge Of Terrorist IncorporatedExtortionistA new terrorist group has emerged more deadly than BinLaden, more treacherous than Saddam, spreading fears and havoc throughoutcivilization.  To save the western worldfrom biological and chemical warfare, and to prevent their continuous terroristattacks upon society, Amber Stone, Agent Zero a former DEA agent, has beenworking for the past five years on the Banderos case,infiltrating a South American drug cartel. She has discovered that the drug lord Banderosand his cartel are funding terrorist activities and their cells.  With this information, she has been promotedto a CIA assassin and is given the mission to seek out and to destroy themembers of Terrorist Incorporated Extortionist.
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ISBN: 9781414066141
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