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The whole situation started not more than ten years ago. I was 18. I enrolled in a prestigious university, began Donna Lake's story. Then, she met Matthew Manchino, a smooth, suave Italian boy with all the right moves. At first life was good, marriage came and her life began, one that was full of hope. She had everything; a good-looking husband, a beautiful home, and her school-then it all changed. Drugs, arms dealing-they all became part of life and life wasn't as wonderful as Donna thought it would be. Each day went by, and each day was worse than the next. What was she to do? One day, she woke up and her whole world fell apart-she was dead on paper, but now she had a chance to get her own revenge-through the FBI. Yet, the FBI has its own twists and turns, moles and other insiders, and Donna becomes their player. Who does Donna believe? Is there anyone she can trust? Pawn: A Novel is a book about love, lies, deception and a woman's need to survive. It's Donna's tale-her life.
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ISBN: 9780595749386
List price: $3.99
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