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How 22 young people raised $42,000 to pay for a trip to the People's Republic of China in 1979 is just one secret that Ruth Pennington Paget shares in China Hand: From the Great Wall to Olive Ball & Beyond. Paget's three-week tour prepared her to sell sponsorships and coordinate public relations for the first Super Bowl shown in China in 1986. Her chapters about studying Chinese art and society at the University of Chicago reveal how the Chinese view the world and the infrastructure of China's economic success. Paget's knowledge of Chinese bronze vessels created her first opportunities to write about art, and her late-found love for Chinese food helped her become a restaurant reviewer for two years. Throughout China Hand Paget shows how to benefit culturally and economically from learning Chinese thought. Praise for China Hand: From the Great Wall to Olive Ball & Beyond I anxiously looked forward to the next page when I read China Hand. It reminds me of so many things in China, and it touched my heart. -Jie Judy Zhu, Professor, Defense Language Institute
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China Hand - Ruth Paget

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