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Saints of Augustine is one man's magical odyssey through the spiritual maze that is St. Augustine, Florida. From the Nombre de Dios Mission to St. Augustine Shores, our hero commits to a quest for his own sanity and discovers the hidden true nature of the oldest city in the continental United States. Suffering through a divorce, and beset by an ancient witch whose evil knows no bounds, he is tempted by the one true Fountain of Youth, and aided by saints previously unknown: a Chinese Jesuit automaton called "The Augbot"; a talking dog; a mysterious visitor from the future; a funeral director who re-animates the dead; and a sea-monster known only as Leviathan.Dennis J. Barton draws upon his experiences in the real St. Augustine to deliver a stunning portrayal of the spirits that inhabit the hidden spaces, the far-out possibilities, the secret beauties and dangers of a place rich in history and steeped in myth.
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