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Completing the mission, they have a chance to rescue, as Mickey put it, “out of all the people we’ve eliminated somebody in Washington had a hard on for, how many damsels in distress have we run across?” JD Volt was assigned to room with Mickey Dix his senior year in high school through junior college at a deep south military academy. Their constant efforts to find ways to get away from the academy to seek out members of the fair sex led them to join, enroll and try out for any team that traveled; the rifle, drill and football teams.After graduation from junior college, they were approached by a special forces officer to be inducted into an eighteen month training regimen as a special forces sniper team. They spend the next twenty on active duty and retire when a new regime moves into the White house and immediately makes gay rights an issue in the military.An older gentleman clad in a rumpled three piece worsted suit that reminded JD of the benevolent God, George Burns played in a movie offers them contract employment to terminate with extreme prejudice, a Colombian drug lord that both the U.S. and Colombian Governments want removed with no one knowing exactly who did it as reprisals against Colombian officials would be severe.
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