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When anger and passion burns like a fire in your belly but your voice is too quiet to be heard by the people with the power to change the things that really matter to the British people, you make yourself heard by writing a book and hope that all your fellow country men buy it and get behind you so you can change things for the better once and for all.By purchasing and reading this book you give yourself a voice. Im sure you will agree with most of the things in this book and I have supplied an email inside for those of you that still believe we can fight back against this poor standard of living we have been forced to endure by our own governments.Think about the amount of things in politics that annoy you, think about how much money you don't have left at the end of each pay packet. Now take this book to the book store counter or go to the order page if your online, sit back and enjoy the content and once you have finished email me with your comments and with your support I will do the rest.Believe me the light at the end of the tunnel is faint but its there at last!
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British Politics! - Scott MacKenzie

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