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Have you ever been to the circus and watched one of those guys who balanced and spun saucers on a stick? They start out with only a couple. But before you know it, there are a dozen or more saucers spinning. Just as one slows down to the point of falling off the stick and shattering into a thousand pieces, the performer runs back to it, spins it frantically. He saves that particular saucer, then hurriedly moves to another, then another, then another until the performer, as well as all the spectators, are physically and mentally worn out! Is this how you live your life?!? Have you felt that somehow God has forgotten about you? Did you feel that you are not important enough for God to waste His time on you? Maybe you have felt that you were too important or too busy to waste your time on God. If you are like me, you have felt all of these emotions at some point in your life. What this book says to you is how important you are to God Himself! The creator of the universe desires, more than anything, to know you! More importantly, from our standpoint, He wants you to know Him! This book speaks of real-life, complicated issues in simple terms. They are discussed in such a way as to make you see the Hand of God as it moves in your life. Let Him make you feel special by whispering in your ear. He does all the time you know! It is just most of the time there is too much noise in our lives, too many distractions, too many “things” going on, in order for us to notice the “sweetness” and power in the voice of God. Slow down. Focus. Pay attention. Let a couple of those unimportant saucers fall. They are going to anyway. Listen closely and you will surely hear “The Whispers Of God!”
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