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Jake sat with the other eligible braves as was customary for the New Beginnings Dance. Jake felt comfortable knowing that no young maiden would dance for him. They all knew that he was already taken with the beautiful Becky. When the dance began and several maidens danced for their brave there was an air of happiness around the fire. Jake was lost in the festivities when he suddenly was brought back to reality as Becky danced her way in front of him. Jake drew in and held his breath. He could barely believe what he was seeing. Becky stood in front of Jake twirling and swirling seductively for Jake alone. She was beautiful, dressed in the palest of doeskin. Fringe hung from her thighs to the calves of her legs and from her arms at the elbow. On her wrist she wore beautiful wristbands that Jake imagined Becky had fashioned just for the show. She was bare foot and with a similar band around her left ankle. Her hair was braided in the style of the Choctaw with beads threaded throughout. Jake’s blood began to pound fiercely in his veins. He thought that he had never seen Becky looking more beautiful than she did at that moment. Jake felt as if he would explode with sheer joy. He also wondered if Becky really knew what she was doing, if she knew completely what the dance implied. Jake’s eyes never wavered from Becky throughout the dance. When the dance was complete, Becky held out her tiny hand toward Jake, as was the custom. The bargain was sealed if Jake reached out and took her hand.
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