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Words about Love… Between Your Ribs: Love Poems encompasses themes that encapsulate all the feelings of love and passion one can imagine. Each poem is an experience all its own and communicates love to the reader in a different way. For those who have been cauterized by the fire of love then separation, my poems are a healing balm to recover completely from all your burns. For those who’ve been deprived of love, my poems will lovingly soothe with what you need to compensate for your emotional deprivation.For anyone who does not know the true meaning of love, my poems will help you experience all the nuances of a deep love that exceeds the sweetness of a mango.Love is Sweeter than a MangoLove is very sweet, precious, and tender like a pieceof mango. We satisfy our desires for mango in touchingits skin with our lips and hands.Lovely and sweet mango, we grind it piece-by-piecewith our teeth, enjoying its seductive taste, sniffingits magnificent fragrance.A mixture of perfumes, delicious fruits, and flowers’essence combined together in a vial, called Mango.Mango’s smooth and soft skin tastes like the softnessof lovers’ skin.We yearn for our lovers as we desire mangos.Swimming in love’s depths, thirst increasesand drowns us. Like eating mango, the morewe consume love, the more we desire it.Mango’s intoxication fills us with its passionate, delicious,fragrant wine.Inflamed with love, humiliation falls on our shoulders,fulfilling our lovers’ instructions---like eating mangodripping from our fingers requires the juicesbe licked up with our tongues.Love is our fate’s gift, our creator’s grant. Love created from our hearts’ wombs and existed between the corridors of our relationships. Love is heaven on our hearts’ lands and captivates feeling in all of its forms and stages.
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ISBN: 9781465370013
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