Everything we do in life falls into one of the three categories, “work/labor, rest/relaxation or amusement/play”. Now with all the demands of our time fromwork and family, adults sometimes forget how to play. Sadly, some people forgetthat sex can be considered play. Sex has become work for many people in societyand most people are “OK” with it. Ex Ex Ex is a self help book on recreationalsex. Just imagine it for a minute, play is the thing we all crave. Work is merely ameans to an end. Some of us are just motivated by the sheer enjoyment of sexualexperiences in and of itself? If you could let your mind go free for a minute andthink about it, sexual play could be one of the best pastimes because it can bephysical, mental, emotional and spiritual simultaneously. And let’s not forgetto mention cost effective. Think about it, most people go to church for spiritualinspiration, do special things with their spouse or family for emotional fulfillment,play some game for mental stimulation and some type of exercise for physicalaccomplishment. Pure uninhibited unadulterated sex can be an extraordinaryexperience. Wow! Just let your minds ponder on that for a minute. Having sexjust for the sheer purpose of having fun is a powerful concept.
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