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Enjoy the heart warming and often hilarious adventures of a young boy in the early 1960's who leaves behind the street gangs of a big city for the simpler life on a small farm. The crowded city is replaced by forests and fields as a young boy learns hard work, and many important lessons of life from a sage grandpa. Discover or remember how simple life was at one time on a small family farm in the rolling hills of southwestern Ohio. Enjoy the freedoms and frustrations of youth as a young boy becomes a young man while learning from the trials and wisdom of a seasoned, mischievous grandpa.Moving from a carefree world of play to one of hard work and responsibilities would seem to make life miserable, instead it becomes the happiest time in a young boy's life. Teaming up with his grandpa creates some hilarious adventures as they work around the farm and coon hunt the woods at night. Experience the excitement of life, before computers, video games, and cell phones, where family was the center of everything and youthful imaginations ran wild.Many of the most important lessons of life aren't taught in classrooms, but are learned in the School of Hard Knocks by those who have earned their PhD there, as the young man on his 48 acres finds out.
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ISBN: 9781467058575
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