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Dear Readers:My new book, "UFOs That Crashed to Earth", is a fiction book based on the recorded history of nuclear weapon's detonations on Earth, current plans for nuclear waste storage facilities around the world, cover ups of USAF, UFO studies, real military bases and aircraft and documented UFO sightings. The characters are not real and are not intended to be anyone living or dead. They do the things that people would have to do to find out the truth. Are nuclear weapons and nuclear power plants polluting the Earth? Do these things pose a danger to Mankind? I think they do. Did "Reverse Engineering" of alien and Nazi aircraft and weapons lead us into the "Atomic Age" on Earth? What can we do now to prevent the nuclear destruction of our planet? The reader will decide if these questions are true or false and if they have a plan. of action. The characters in the book find out the truth and make a plan to change things for the better. Perhaps we all can learn from their example.Tom KingAuthor
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ISBN: 9781467058070
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